Services Offered by Our Optometrist in Edmonton

Eye Care Services
At Bonnie Doon Eye Care, we offer patients an assortment of eye care services provided by an optometrist in Edmonton to maintain your vision’s optimal health. Every pair of eyes is unique. That’s why our team of eye doctors works closely with you to explore the various eye associated medical issues your eyes may encounter. We listen closely to your opinions and questions to better understand your eye care needs.

Our main eye care services include:

● Contact Lens Fitting
● Glaucoma Assessment
● Cataract Assessment
● Macular Degeneration Assessment
● Refractive Laser Surgery Consultation
● Eye Emergencies
● Eye Examinations (Complete, Pediatric & Geriatric)

A cataract is when your eye’s natural lens becomes opaque, which typically reduces the amount of light entering the eye and potentially reducing vision and sometimes causing glare. This condition is treatable, usually with extraction. Protection from UV light is recommended to slow the progression.

Glaucoma happens when the pressure on the optic nerve causes a gradual death of the fibres, typically ones that correspond to the peripheral vision at first. Treatment is available through either medication and/or surgery. Getting routine eye exams are critical to detect the disease, as it is typically symptomless in its early stages.

Macular Degeneration
This condition occurs when the retina, specifically the central part known as the macula, begins to degenerate. This area of the eye corresponds to central vision. Details of whatever the eyes are fixated on may appear blurred or distorted. Macular Degeneration is treated with vitamins and potentially surgery, depending on the type and severity of the condition. Again, eye examinations are encouraged, especially for those over 40, to detect early signs of the disease.
Many Fees are Covered by Insurance
Many service fees are covered by either Alberta Health Care or Alberta Blue Cross, both of which we are happy to bill directly. For patients under 19 and over 65, eye exams and treatment for other eye related conditions are covered by Alberta Health Care. If you are over 19 and under 65, we can send you an invoice or bill directly to your insurance company if possible.