At Bonnie Doon Eye Care, we view contact lenses as a medical device just as much as a cosmetic option to your visual needs. Our patients fall into one of two possible categories when it comes to contact lenses:

New Contact Lens Wearer:

If you are looking into exploring your options around soft contact lenses as a first time wearer, we will have a detailed conversation around your goals and expectations around your lifestyle and wear schedule. Typically your interest in soft contact lenses should be brought up to your optometrist at your routine eye examination. After the thorough examination, we will open up the conversation around what type/modality and brand of contact lenses would be best suited for you. At this point, we will be ordering trial lenses based off of your examination and conversation.

We will then book a second visit specifically around insertion/removal training, educating you on hygiene and care, as well as having the optometrist assess the fit of the contact lenses. Typically, you will be sent home with the trial lenses for about one week before we have a follow up visit to ensure you were able to wear them comfortably and with good vision during your day-to-day activities. Based on our visit, we may or may not require adjustments to the prescription and/or brand to ensure you are satisfied and happy with the comfort and vision.

A soft contact lens prescription is valid for ONE year and it is recommended to have annual eye exams to ensure that your vision, comfort, and also the health of your eyes are intact before continuing on with your contact lens wear.

*If you have not worn contact lenses for greater than 5 years, you are now considered a new contact lens wearer*

Current Contact Lens Wearer:

If you are currently wearing contact lenses actively, at your routine eye examination we will also be evaluating the contact lenses as well. We ask for our patients to wear the contact lenses to their appointment and evaluate the vision and fit of the contact lenses. Depending on our findings with any of your concerns, we will have the conversation around whether refitting you with different contact lenses can help problem solve some of the challenges with your current contacts. We would then order the new contact lenses and a second visit would be made to have you insert them and for the optometrist to evaluate the new contact lenses.

Multiple visits may be possible depending on the progress and the complexity of the case.

Are you somebody who is unable to wear soft contact lenses for variable reasons such as:

• It dries out the eyes too much
• Prescription is too strong for contacts
• Diagnosed with certain health conditions that doesn’t allow for successful contact lens wear

There are options available for you around specialty contact lenses that can help you achieve good vision and comfort outside from your glasses. Please click here to learn more